Monday, June 12, 2017

                                           Kids having fun in the field using their imagination.
Monday noon, June 12
 The berries are ripening up well after the heavy picking last week and we
will open at 7 AM tomorrow for picking again. Watch the rain forecast
(although the rain did not stop a lot of pickers last week)!!!!
See ya'   Joe and Robin

PS   It has poured rain twice since I wrote this post. We are no longer taking
orders for "we-pick"; it is totally "you-pick". Thanks

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Saturday night, June 10
  Man, we had a crowd out today. SOOO many kids!!! It was fun but
we wish the picking would have been better.
  Next week check the blog or call to check before coming out. We may need
to let the berries ripen longer than until Tuesday.
  We really appreciate all the customers who came out and worked so hard to
get their berries.
  If you have ordered we-pick berries we will try to get them BUT we may not
be able to get them all due to the small crop this year.

Hope to see some of you back next week. Joe and Robin