Friday, June 22, 2018

Friday evening, June 22

    MAN, we had a crowd out today and they REALLY PICKED a lot!
    So much so that we recommend that everyone wait until Tuesday
to give the berries time to ripen up for much faster picking.

THANKS for supporting our little farm!!!

Maybe next year we will have a bumper crop. 

Joe and Robin 
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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Thursday evening, June 21

   Pickers today had little trouble finding
good picking. The late varieties are ripening
well and the rain kept pickers away this afternoon.

  We predict good picking tomorrow.
   Joe and Robin

After writing this post about 5 large families
showed up and picked till 7:30 and picked a lot
of berries. We recommend not coming out
Saturday but waiting till Tuesday.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Wed., June 20

   It was  HOT ONE today (and MUGGY). The rain
cooled things down nicely then the sun came out and
the humidity returned. BUT early this morning it was
really nice and quite a few pails of berries went out.

  The late berries are ripening well with the heat and
are being picked off daily. We anticipate finishing up
the season within 2 weeks (yes it has been a SHORT

  If you don't mind walking and checking out each
bush you can get a pail full pretty quick.  I was
showing some new customers the field and I leaned
over to pick a few berries on the outside of the bush
and when I opened up the bush there were probably
a quart of berries hidden in there!

  Come early and beat the heat!!

 Joe and Robin

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Tuesday, 1:30 PM

  There was a crowd here this morning and the
field was picked pretty heavy.

  Picking will be better later in the week (Thursday-
Saturday) as more of the late varieties ripen.

  Joe and Robin

Monday, June 18, 2018

Monday night, June 18

We had a large turnout Saturday morning and a
LOT of berries were picked.

The berries are ripening well but slower than
we anticipated.

The berries are always larger and sweeter the
morning AFTER a day of sunshine than the
previous evening so we anticipate pretty good
picking tomorrow.

We will reserve a part of the field for our pickers
who are picking for pre-picked orders.

Watch the weather (raining lightly now).
Joe and Robin


Friday, June 15, 2018

Friday evening, June 15

Just an update from yesterday's post
(which received a LOT of "hits").

We had  a pretty good turnout today
and picking was pretty good (but
kinda slow). The weather was "iffy"
all day and we had to "evacuate" the
field once due to very close lightening!!

Tomorrow check the weather radar
before coming out. We suggest that,
if you want to pick several pails, you
might want to wait until next week.

If you just want a pail of berries or you
just want to GET THE KIDS OUT OF
THE HOUSE !!!!!! come on out.

Joe and Robin (we raised our 2 kids
"back before the turn of the century"
and are VERY kid-friendly.