Friday, April 17, 2020

Friday afternoon, April 17. 2020

Well, we have checked out the entire blueberry field and the season forecast is
pretty bleak!!! There are very few berries on the bushes.  The Mississippi
blueberry crop has been small the last 3 years but this is the lowest crop yet.
 The reasons are:
1. Persistent hard rains during pollination time preventing bees from flying.
2. We had 2 nights of temperatures below 28 degrees which kills flowers.
3. Due to the mild winter there were not enough chill hours below 40 degrees
    that are needed for flowers to set fruit.

We are not sure if we even have enough berries to open this year!!

We know that we will probably have to cancel the pre-orders we have for
already-picked berries.

Check back as June nears to see if we have reevaluated the crop.

Thanks, Joe and Robin